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About Boardirector

Boardirector includes laws and regulatory rules which are tailored to the various sectors, including real-time alerts on failures and violations, such as non tenure of directors, attending a meeting in which a director has a conflict of interest etc.

Boardirector enables the management Board by scheduling meetings, planning and editing advanced content, distributing protocols, receiving comments and more.

Boardirector performs selective filtering of meetings content according to a granular permissions model which determines who is authorized to edit or view a protocol. For example: position holders will not be exposed to the content of a meeting in which they have a personal interest.


Boardirector is a game changer in the field of compliance with corporate governance rules, while leading to risks mitigation

Manage & operate meetings

  • Scheduling meetings, distributing agendas prior to each meeting.
  • Presence management and remuneration of directors.
  • Editing protocols after receiving comments from meeting participants, creating and distributing an updated protocol.
  • Monitoring decisions while allocating tasks and performing routine control of their execution.

Regulating management at meetings

  • Maintaining corporate governance rules and avoiding violations prior to realization.Alerting and preventing scenarios where directors might be convened to a meeting on a subject in which their participation is prohibited.
  • Distribution of the meeting’s protocol to each director separately, while smart deleting from the meeting protocol, topics that he was forbidden to attend.
  • Sending notifications for periodic meetings on issues that need to be discussed and have not been held.
  • Alert and maintaining legal quorum of directors at meetings.
  • Compliance Risk Management in accordance with applicable regulatory requirements (Public, government, etc.).

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